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With Rock Music Timeline I am attempting to share rock & roll's roots and evolution with details from specific years and decades in rock music history. Obviously it's impossible to be comprehensive, but I have tried to balance both the top hit artists, as well as other influential music that might not have been as popular. This website is still a work in progress and I am often editing to improve content and add important artists or events that I have inadvertently left out. Feel free to email me with your suggestions, corrections or other ideas. I enjoy hearing from all music fans.

Thank you for visiting the site, come back soon, and please share with others if you enjoy this website!

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Rock Music by Decade
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  - Key music events by decade
  - Top 100 Songs of the decade
  - Top 100 Albums of the decade
  - Top Artists of the decade
  - Music genres by decade

Yearly Music Timelines
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  - Key music events by Month/Year
  - Top Songs by Year
  - Top Albums by Year
  - Links to more detailed info
  - Links to #1 Songs US & UK
  - Links to #1 Albums US & UK

Yearly Photo Galleries
(links on the left navigation of each Decade and at the top of the left navigation on each Yearly Timeline)
"The danger of regarding any point in the past as the golden age, is that you forget that there were just as many crooks, crackpots and idiots around then, and just as many terrible records."

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