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January 1997 - Palo Alto, CA all female hard rock band The Donnas release their debut album. January 1997 - French electronic duo Daft Punk release their debut album which charts at #8 in the UK. January 1997 - "#1 Crush" by Madison, WI band Garbage goes to #1 on the US Modern Rock Chart after being featured in the Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo + Juliet.January 1997 - Fiifties teen idol Pat Boone (shown above with Shania Twain) releases an album featuring his covers of rock metal classics and returns to the pop charts for the first time in 35 years.February 1997 - California punk band The Offspring release their fourth album, Ixnay on the Hombre, which goes Top Ten in the US, #17 UK.February 1997 - UK band Blur release their fifth album with a new Lo Fi sound and a big hit with "Song 2". The album goes to #2 UK, #62 US.February 1997 - The debut album from Dallas, TX neo soul singer Erykah Badu goes to #2 US, #17 UK led by the hit single "On and On".February 1997 - Glastonbury, UK band Reef go straight to #1 in the UK with their second album Glow, led by the UK Top Ten single "Place Your Hands".February 1997 - The Glasgow, Scotland band Texas have a #1 UK album with their fourth release White On Blonde and the #3 UK single "Say What You Want".February 1997 - Minneapolis, MN alternative rock band Marcy Playground release their debut album and score a hit with the single "Sex and Candy" #8 US, #29 UK.March 1997 - Brooklyn, NY rapper The Notorious B.I.G. is shot to death in his car following a Soul Train Awards party. His posthumous album "Life After Death" goes to #1 US. March 1997 - British pop group The Spice Girls become the first act to have four consecutive #1 singles in the UK when "Who Do You Think You Are" tops the UK charts.  March 1997 - U2 continue their electronic/rock experimentation on their ninth album, Pop, which goes to #1 US and UK promoted by the worldwide Popmart tour.March 1997 - Electronic duo, The Chemical Brothers, top the UK charts with the dance single "Block Rockin Beats".March 1997 - Danish -Norwegian dance/pop group Aqua have worldwide success with their debut album Aquarium and the hit single "Barbie Girl" #1 UK, #7 US. April 1997 - UK band The Charlatans release their fifth and most successful album Tellin' Stories which tops the UK charts and generates a #3 UK single with "One To Another".April 1997 - Brooklyn hip-hop artist The Notorious B.I.G. has a posthumous #1 single with "Hypnotize" on Sean Combs Bad Boy label.April 1997 - Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs hits #1 in the US and UK with his debut single "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" on his own label Bad Boy Records.April 1997 - Brisbane, Australian duo Savage Garden release their debut album and have a smash hit single with "Truly, Madly, Deeply" #1 US, #4 UK.May 1997 - The first Ozzfest tour is launched in Washington DC with Pantera and others supporting a reunited Black Sabbath.May 1997 - San Francisco, CA alternative band Third Eye Blind have a hit debut album and a Top Ten single in the US with "Semi-Charmed Life".May 1997 - Songwriter, back up singer and rapper Missy Elliot releases her debut album Supa Dupa Fly which goes to #3 US led by the hit single "The Rain".June 1997 - Hanson a group of brothers from Tulsa, OK take their debut single "MmmBop" to #1 in the US and UK.June 1997 - Boston ska-punk band The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones have a hit single with "The Impression That I Get" from their fifth album Let's Face It.June 1997 - Puff Daddy teams with Faith Evans for the single "I'll Be Missing You" which goes to #1 US & UK for eleven weeks. The song samples "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.June 1997 - Tallahassee, Florida rock band Creed release their self financed debut album, My Own Prison, which goes to #22 US and eventually goes Platinum.June 1997 - Oxford, UK band Radiohead top the UK charts with their third album OK Computer. The album reaches #21 in the US.June 1997 - UK space rock band Spiritualized release the critically acclaimed album, Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space, which goes to #4 UK.July 1997 - Crossover country artist Garth Brooks performs a free concert in New York City's Central Park and attracts an audience of over 800,000 people.July 1997 - Jam band Phish perform at their own two day Great Went festival in Loring, Maine to an audience of 70,000.July 1997 - The Lilith Fair Tour debuts at the outdoor venue The Gorge in Washington. Led by Sarah McLachlan, the tour features all female artists.July 1997 - Corvallis, OR singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks goes top ten in the US and UK with the single "B**ch".July 1997 - Smash Mouth, a San Jose, CA rock band, release their debut album Fush Yu Mang and have a US Top Ten single (Top 20 UK) with the song "Walkin' on the Sun".August 1997 - Actor/Rapper Will Smith tops the US and UK charts with the song "Men In Black" from the movie of the same name.August 1997 - California alternative band Sugar Ray top the US modern rock charts with the single "Fly" from their second album Floored.August 1997 - English dance band, The Prodigy, go to #1 in the US and UK with their third album - The Fat of the Land featuring the hit single "Smack My B**ch Up" #8 UK.August 1997 - Manchester, UK rock band Oasis release their third album, Be Here Now, which becomes the fastest selling UK album ever on its way to #1 UK, #2 US.September 1997 - New Orleans, LA native Master P goes to #1 in the US with his sixth album, Ghetto D, featuring the hit single "Make 'Em Say Uhh!".September 1997 - Manchester, UK band The Verve go to #1 UK with the single "The Drugs Don't Work" from their #1 album Urban Hymns.September 1997 - Elton John performs "Candle in the Wind" at Princess Diana's funeral on September 6th. Released as a single, this version of the song goes to #1 in the US and UK and becomes the biggest selling single of all time. October 1997 - The Velvet Rope is Janet Jacksons first album following the major lable bidding war that made her the highest paid music artist at $80 million. The album goes to #1 US, #2 UK.October 1997 - Glasgow, Scotland band Mogwai release their debut album Young Team comprised mainly of instrumentals except for the single "R U Still In It?". October 1997 - Irish brother/sisters band The Corrs release their second album, Talk on Corners, which goes to #1 UK, #72 US.November 1997 - Michael Hutchence, lead singer of Australian rock band INXS, is found dead of hanging in his Sydney Australia hotel room.November 1997 - Canadian singer Celine Dion releases the album Let's Talk About Love which becomes a #1 hit worldwide led by the Titanic movie theme "My Heart Will Go On". November 1997 - Spice World the second album from The Spice Girls and the soundtrack to their movie goes to #1 UK, #3 US led by the hit single "Spice Up Your Life". November 1997 - New Orleans rapper Mystikal releases his second album Unpredictable which charts at #3 US featuring the hit single "Ain't No Limit".November 1997 - Metallica release the album Reload a sequel to the Load album from 1996. The album debuts at #1 in the US, #4 UK.November 1997 - Burnley, UK punk band Chumbawumba have a Top Ten hit in the US and UK with the single "Tubthumping".December 1997 - Harlem, NY hip-hop artist Mase releases his debut album Harlem World which goes to #1 US generating three top ten singles including "Feel So Good".
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