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January 1996 - Kentucky native Joan Osborne has a Top Ten hit in the US and UK with the single "One of Us" written by Eric Bazillian of 80's band the Hooters.January 1996 - Singer songwriter Tori Amos' third album, Boys for Pele, reaches #2 in both the US and UK.February 1996 - American hip-hop trio The Fugees release their second and final album, The Score, which tops the charts in the US, #2 UK, led by the single "Killing Me Softly" #2 US, #1 UK.February 1996 - The debut album from New York City alternative hip hop group Fun Lovin' Criminals is released featuring the hit single "Scooby Snacks" #22 UK.February 1996 - The fourth album from American rapper 2Pac, All Eyez On Me, goes to #1 US, #32 UK generating two US #1 singles "California Love" and "How Do You Want It". February 1996 - Los Angeles Ska/Punk band Goldfinger release their debut album and have a minor hit with the single "Here in Your Bedroom".March 1996 - UK boy band Take That announce their break up and score another #1 UK single with their cover of the Bee Gees "How Deep Is Your Love". March 1996 - UK electro dance band The Prodigy go to #1 UK, #30 US with the single "Firestarter" from their third album.March 1996 - The Verve Pipe, a rock band from East Lansing, MI release their debut album and go on to have a Top Five US hit with the song "The Freshmen".April 1996 - Los Angeles rap metal band Rage Against The Machine release their second album, Evil Empire, which tops the US charts and makes  #4 UK.April 1996 - Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries continue their chart success with their third album, To The Faithful Departed, which goes top five in both the US and UK.April 1996 - The Dave Matthews Band's second album release, Crash (#2 US), brings a growing fan base and hit singles including "Crash Into Me" #18 US. April 1996 - After cleaning up at the Grammy's for their debut album, Hootie & The Blowfish release their second album to more modest sales, but still hit  #1 US, #9 UK.April 1996 - The seventh album from San Antonio, TX indie band The Butthole Surfers - ElectricLarryLand, brings them mainstream success with the single "Pepper" reaching #19 US, #59 UK. May 1996 - Orlando, FL vocal group, The Backstreet Boys, release their debut album internationally and are successful in Europe. May 1996 - American singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco releases her seventh album Dilate.The critically acclaimed album peaks at #87 US.May 1996 - The second album from L.A. rock band, The Wallflowers, led by Bob Dylan's son Jakob Dylan, goes to #4 US, #58 UK led by the US #2 single "One Headlight". May 1996 - Seattle band Soundgarden release their fifth and final album, Down on the Upside, which goes to #2 US, #7 UK.May 1996 - Northern Ireland band Ash hit #1 UK with their second album - 1977. May 1996 - Welsh alternative rock band, The Manic Street Preachers, release their fourth album - Everything Must Go (#2 UK) and have a #2 UK single with the song "Design for Life". June 1996 - New York based alternative rock band Nada Surf release their debut album and have a modern rock hit with the single "Popular".June 1996 - Metallica return with a bluesier sound on their sixth album Load, going to #1 in the US and UK.June 1996 - Alternative rock artist Beck releases his fifth album Odelay. The singles "Devil's Haircut" and "Where It's At" drive the album to #16 US, #17 UK.June 1996 - Toni Braxton's second album, Secrets, generates two US #1 singles (#7 and #2 UK) "You're Makin' Me High" and "Unbreak My Heart".June 1996 - The original members of KISS reunite for their first tour since 1979, kicking it off at a sold out Tiger Stadium in Detroit.June 1996 - California alternative rock band, Primitive Radio Gods, have a hit single with "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand" from their debut album.June 1996 - The album Peace Beyond Passion is Meshell Ndegeocello's second album and commercial peak at #63 US. The album features a cover of the Bill Withers song "Who Is He (And What Is He To You?)".July 1996 - New York rapper Nas moves to a smoother sound on his second album, It Was Written, and goes straight to #1 in the US, #38 UK.July 1996 - Spanish duo Los Del Rio have a smash dance hit with the single "Macarena" which ignites a dance craze and tops the US and UK charts.July 1996 - Tidal, the debut album from New York City singer songwriter Fiona Apple, goes to #15 US and the single "Criminal" charts at #21. July 1996 - Long Beach, CA band Sublime release their third and final album, following the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell. The single "What I Got" is a Top 40 hit in the US.August 1996 - Seattle rock band Pearl Jam release their fourth album, No Code, which goes to #1 US, #3 UK.August 1996 - Pioneering American punk rock group The Ramones play their final gig at The Palace in Hollywood.August 1996 - The debut album from California band Eels, led by Mark Everett who formerly recorded as E, is released. The single "Novocaine for the Soul" charts at #10 in the UK. August 1996 - The Pet Shop Boys tenth album, Bilingual is released and garners three UK Top Ten singles including "Before". August 1996 - Detroit R&B singer Aaliyah releases her second album, One in a Million, with help from Missy Elliot and Timbaland. The album peaks at #18 US, #33 UKSeptember 1996 - Rapper Tupac Shakur is shot four times in a drive by shooting after leaving a Mike Tyson boxing match in Las Vegas. He dies six days later.September 1996 - Nashville country singer Deanna Carter crosses over to the US pop charts at #65 with the single "Strawberry Wine" from her debut album. September 1996 - UK acid jazz band Jamiroquai release their third album and score a hit single with "Virtual Insanity" #3 UK.September 1996 - Better Living Through Chemistry is the debut album from UK DJ Fatboy Slim.September 1996 - The second album from California alternative band Cake, Fashion Nugget, is released with strong airplay for single
"The Distance".September 1996 - Sheryl Crow goes for a harder edged sound on her second album, which goes to #5 UK, #6 US led by single "If It Makes You Happy".October 1996 - Swedish band The Cardigans release the single "Lovefool" which gets strong airplay in the US and reaches #2 in the UK in 1997.October 1996 - The program Pop Up Video premieres on VH-1 featuring music videos with humorous comic book style captions.October 1996 - Fort Lauderdale, FL band Marilyn Manson go to #3 US, #73 UK with their third album Antichrist Superstar.October 1986 - Founding member and lead guitarist Slash announces he is leaving Guns n' Roses.October 1996 - Orlando, FL band Matchbox 20 release their debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You, which climbs to #5 in the US.October 1996 - California rockers Korn release their second album, Life Is Peachy and climb to #3 US, #32 UK.November 1996 - American R&B group Blackstreet top the singles charts in the US with "No Diggity" featuring Dr. Dre.November 1996 - Crowded House plays it's last concert in front of 200,000 in Sydney, Australia. November 1996 - British pop vocal group The Spice Girls, release their debut album which goes to #1 in the US and UK, led by three number one singles including "Wannabe". November 1996 - American rapper Snoop Dogg releases his second album The Doggfather, which goes to #1, but fails to match the sales of his debut.November 1996 -  The final recordings of Tupac Shakur are released following his death on the album titled: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory which goes to #1 US, #53 UK.December 1996 - UK grunge band Bush reach #1 US, #4 UK with their second album Razorblade Suitcase. This was the last grunge album to achieve major sales.December 1996 - Released in 1995, No Doubt's album Tragic Kingdom goes to #1 US, #3 UK following months of touring.
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