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January 1995 - Swedish band, Rednex, score a #1 UK, #25 US novelty hit with the single "Cotton Eye Joe".January 1995 - California R&B singer Montell Jordan releases his single "This Is How We Do It" which tops the charts for seven weeks in the US, #11 UK.February 1995 - PJ Harvey's third album, To Bring You My Love (#12 UK, #38 US) is released to critical acclaim. The single "Down By The Water" receives extensive MTV play.February 1995 - Elektra records re-releases the independent album Deluxe by New Orleans band Better Than Ezra. The album and the single "Good" break into the US Top 40.February 1995 - Canadian country singer Shania Twain releases her second album, The Woman In Me, which goes to #1 US, #7 UK. March 1995 - Tupac Shakur becomes the first artist to have a number one US album, Me Against The World, while in prison.March 1995 - Stockbridge, GA band Collective Soul release their second album and score two Top Twenty hits in the US with "December" and "The World I Know". March 1995 - UK band Radiohead release their second album, The Bends, which breaks into the UK Top Ten at #8 UK, #88 US.March 1995 - Britpop band Sleeper release their debut album Sleeper. The single "Inbetweener" reaches #16 UK.March 1995 - UK band Elastica top the UK charts with their self-titled debut album and reach #66 US.March 1995 - Australian teenage group Silverchair release their debut album Frogstomp and reach #1 Aus, #9 US.March 1995 - Ohio band Blessid Union of Souls release their debut album, Home, and score a US Top Ten hit with the single "I Believe". March 1995 - Wilco, composed of former members of country rock band Uncle Tupelo, release their debut album A.M. but achieve limited sales.March 1995 - Former Wu Tang member Ol' Dirty Bastard releases his solo debut, Return to the 36 Chambers, and goes to #7 US. April 1995 - NYC heavy metal band White Zombie break into the US Top Ten with their fourth album, Astro-Creep: 2000.April 1995 - UK alternative band, The Boo Radley's, score a Top Ten single and a number one album in the UK with Wake Up!April 1995 - German industrial band KMFDM release their eighth album Nihil and have a successful single with "Juke Joint Jezebel".May 1995 - Oxford, UK band Supergrass release their debut album, I Should CoCo, which goes to #1 UK led by the singles "Caught By The Fuzz" and "Alright".May 1995 - Portland, OR alternative band Everclear find success with their second album, Sparkle and Fade, and the single "Santa Monica" #29 US, #40 UK.May 1995 - Former Jam and Style Council frontman, Paul Weller, has a number one UK solo album with Stanley Road.May 1995 - San Francisco, CA band Primus go Top Ten in the US for the second time with their fourth album, Tales From The Punchbowl. June 1995 - After a four year absence, Paula Abdul releases her third album, Head Over Heels. The album fails to match previous sales peaking at #18 US, #61 UK.June 1995 - Bjork's third solo album, Post, goes to #2 UK, #32 US and features UK #2 single "Army of Me".June 1995 - Former child actress, Alannis Morrisette, hits the jackpot with her third album, Jagged Little Pill, which goes to #1 US and UK.June 1995 - Olympia, WA riot grrrl band, Sleater Kinney, release their self-titled debut album.June 1995 - UK electronic duo The Chemical Brothers release their debut album, Exit Planet Dust, and break into the UK Top Ten.June 1995 - Allman Brothers spinoff band, Gov't Mule, release their self-titled debut album which fails to chart. June 1995 - After leaving 10,000 Maniacs, vocalist Natalie Merchant's debut solo album Tigerlily generates a US Top Ten single with the song "Carnival".June 1995 - Bon Jovi's sixth album, These Days, does better internationally than in the US, going to #1 UK, #9 US.July 1995 - Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl switches to guitar and vocals on the debut album from the Foo Fighters #3 UK, #23 US.July 1995 - The members of TLC file for bankruptcy citing debts of $3.5 million at the same time their single "Waterfalls" is at #1 in the US for seven weeks.July 1995 - Jamaican rapper, Shaggy, goes to #1 UK, #3 US with his single"Boombastic".July 1995 - The debut album from Seattle alternative band The Presidents of the United States of America is released and reaches #6 US, led by the single "Lump". July 1995 - Omaha, Nebraska alternative band, 311, break into the mainstream (#12 US) with their third album and the single "Down". August 1995 - UK R&B singer, Seal, goes to #1 US, #4 UK with "Kiss From A Rose" when the year old song is featured in the Batman Forever Soundtrack.August 1995 - California punk/ska band Rancid release their third album …And Out Come the Wolves on Epitapth following a major label bidding war.August 1995 - Dundalk, Ireland brother/sisters folk band, The Corrs, release their debut album which goes to #2 UK, #131 US.August 1995 - Garbage, a band from Madison, WI with Scottish lead singer, Shirley Manson, release their debut album which eventually reaches #6 UK, #20 US. August 1995 - The debut album from 17-year-old bluesman and Shreveport, LA native, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, is released.August 1995 - Cleveland hip hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony go to #1 US with their second album E.1999 Eternal, led by the #1 single "Tha Crossroads".August 1995 - Jerry Garcia, guitarist and founding member of the Grateful Dead dies of a drug related heart attack at age 53. September 1995 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum opens in Cleveland, Ohio. October 1995 - Mariah Carey's fifth album Daydream is released and goes to #1 US & UK, generating three US #1 singles including "Fantasy" and "One Sweet Day".October 1995 - Manchester, UK band Oasis release their second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? #1 UK, #4 US. The album becomes the third best selling album ever in the UK.October 1995 - Sacramento, CA Alt Metal band the Deftones release their debut album, Adrenaline. Heavy touring eventually breaks the album nationally and leads to a gold record.October 1995 - UK band Pulp release their fifth album, Different Class, which goes to #1 UK. The album generates two UK top ten singles, "Common People" and "Disco 2000".October 1995 - Chicago rock band Smashing Pumpkins release the double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which hits #1 in the US, #4 UK.October 1995 - Blind Melon lead singer Shannon Hoon dies of a cocaine overdose.October 1995 - California band No Doubt release their third album Tragic Kingdom which goes to #1 US, #3 UK led by the single "Don't Speak"November 1995 - Coolio scores a #1 US hit with the single "Gangsta's Paradise" from his second album after the song is used on the soundtrack of the film Dangerous Minds.November 1995 - Seattle rock band Alice in Chains hit number one US with their third album. This would be their last album with singer Layne Staley.December 1995 - The Beatles release the single "Free As A Bird" their first new song in 20 years. The three surviving Beatles all contribute to a studio version of John Lennon's 1977 demo track.
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