January 1984 - Reformulated 1970's superstars Yes have a #1 US, #28 UK hit single with "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and the best selling album of their career.January 1984 - Liverpool dance/pop band Frankie Goes To Hollywood have a #1 UK, #10 US hit single with "Relax" off their debut album.January 1984 - Liverpool post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen have their second UK Top Ten single with "Killing Moon" from the bands #4 UK LP Ocean Rain.January 1984 - The debut album from New Jersey band Bon Jovi is released and the single "Runaway" squeaks into the US Top 40 at #39.January 1984 - Michael Jackson is rushed to the hospital after his hair catches fire from the pyrotechnics used during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.January 1984 - After losing two band members to drug overdoses, The Pretenders return with the #5 US, #11 UK album Learning To Crawl and have a #5 US, #17 UK single with "Back On The Chain Gang".February 1984 - Manchester UK band The Smiths release their debut album which goes to #2 in the UK. In the US their impact is limited to college radio. February 1984 - Van Halen have the only #1 single of their career with the synth heavy "Jump". The album, 1984, is their sixth and goes to #2 US, #15 UK.February 1984 - The soundtrack to the movie Footloose is released, generating two US #1 singles. The album goes to #1 US for nine weeks.February 1984 - Wierd Al Yankovic hits #12 US with his single "Eat It". The shot-for-shot parody video of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" gets heavy MTV rotation.March 1984 - Queens, NY rappers Run DMC release their debut album which charts at #53 US. The album features a groundbreaking mix of hip-hop and hard rock that would prove influential.March 1984 - The movie This Is Spinal Tap is released. The mockumentary about a fictional english band does poorly in initial release, but grows in popularity on video in the 90's.March 1984 - Essex, UK synth band Depeche Mode release the single "People are People" and have a worldwide hit #4 UK, #13 US.March 1984 - LA glam metal band Ratt have a US #12 single "Round and Round" and a US Top Ten album with their debut.March 1984 - Boston, MA band The Cars release their fifth album Heartbeat City. The album goes to #3 in the US led by the #1 US single "Drive" (#5 UK). April 1984 - Soul singer Marvin Gaye is shot to death by his father in his Los Angeles home following an argument.May 1984 - Singer Tina Turner releases her comeback album, Private Dancer, which goes to #3 US, #2 UK. She also becomes the oldest female artist to have a #1 single with "Whats Love Got to Do With It" at 44 years old. May 1984 - The third album by NY metal band Twisted Sister goes to #15 US, following heavy MTV play for the videos "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock". May 1984 - The single "For All The Girls I've Loved Before" goes to #5 US and #1 on the country charts, in this unlikely collaboration between Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias.May 1984 - German heavy metal band The Scorpions hit #6 US, #17 UK with their album Love At First Sting, driven by the single "Rock You Like A Hurricane".June 1984 - Born In The USA is the seventh album by Bruce Springsteen and spends the year trading the #1 spot with the Prince album Purple Rain. The album generates seven Top Ten singles in the US.June 1984 - Prince releases the soundtrack album from his film Purple Rain. The album goes #1 US for 25 weeks, #17 UK. The LP contains four US Top Ten singles, including two number ones, "When Doves Cry" and "Let's Go Crazy".July 1984 - The single "White Lines (Don't Do It)" is released by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel and goes to #7 UK, #47 US R&B.July 1984 - Minneapolis, MN trio Husker Du release the two record concept album Zen Arcade. An influential album in the move from punk to alternative rock. July 1984 - New York City band Scandal have a US Top Ten single with "The Warrior" off their second album.July 1984 - San Pedro, CA punk band The Minutemen release their fourth album on SST Records, Double Nickles On The Dime.July 1984 - Boston, MA boy band, New Edition, break into the US Top Ten with their second album featuring the #4 US single "Cool It Now".August 1984 - Canadian singer Corey Hart releases his debut album and has a US Top Ten hit with the single "Sunglasses at Night".August 1984 - Los Angeles punk/funk band the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their debut album, produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill. The album enjoys college radio success. September 1984 - English rock veteran John Waite scores a #1 US, #7 UK single as a solo artist with "Missing You". September 1984 - The Stevie Wonder produced soundtrack for the movie The Woman in Red gives him a #1 hit in the US and UK with the single "I Just Called To Say I Love You".September 1984 - Madonna causes a stir at the first annual MTV Video Music Awards with her suggestive performance of "Like a Virgin". October 1984 - The Talking Heads concert movie Stop Making Sense is released featuring lead singer David Byrne in an oversized suit.October 1984 - John Lennon's son Julian Lennon has two US Top Ten singles off his debut album "Valotte" and "Too Late For Goodbyes" #6 UK.October 1984 - Produced by Brian Eno (shown with band above) and Daniel Lanois , the fourth U2 album Unforgettable Fire goes #1 UK, #12 US. The single "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" hits #3 UK, #33 US.October 1984 - Minneapolis, MN punk band The Replacements diversify their sound on their third album - Let It Be on the Twintone label.October 1984 - English pop duo Wham! make it big with their second album #1 US and UK. They have three #1 singles and four top five in both the US and UKNovember 1984 - UK R&B singer Billy Ocean goes to #4 in the US and UK with the single "Caribean Queen".November 1984 - Madonna's second album Like A Virgin is released and goes straight to the top in both the US and UK.December 1984 - Political wife Tipper Gore is offended by her young daughters Purple Rain album and organizes the Parents Music Resource Council to advocate for warning stickers on albums.December 1984 - Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats and Midge Ure of Ultravox organize a charity supergroup to raise money for Ethopian famine relief and score a #1 UK single with "Do They Know It's Christmas?" December 1984 - Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen loses his arm in a car crash. He spends the next year learning to drum on a custom drum set with extensive foot pedals.Top 40 Hits Chart - Saskatchewan, CA1984 Hits Chart CJME Radio - Regina, Saskatchewan, CA
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