January 1983 - Canadian Bryan Adams breaks through in the US on his third album, Cuts Like A Knife, which goes to #8 US, #21 UK.January 1983 - Michael Jackson's single "Billie Jean" hits #1 in both the US and UK. The music video for the song receives heavy rotation on MTV. January 1983 - Sheffield, UK rock band Def Leppard release their third album Pyromania. The album goes to #2 US, #18 UK driven by two US Top 20 singles "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages".January 1983 - UK duo The Eurythmics release their second album Sweet Dreams. The single "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" goes to #1 US, #2 UK.February 1983 - Karen Carpenter, lead singer and drummer for 70's soft rockers The Carpenters, dies due to complications from anorexia.February 1983 - Dublin, Ireland rock band U2's second album War is released and goes to #1 in the UK, #12 US. The single "New Years Day" goes Top Ten in the UK and receives steady MTV play in the US.February 1983 - New York City rock band Sonic Youth release their second album, Confusion Is Sex, on indie label Neutral Records.March 1983 - The debut album by UK vocal trio Banarama, Deep Sea Skiving, goes Top Ten in the UK, #63 US. March 1983 - Led by the US Top Ten single "Legs" ZZ Top's eighth album, Eliminator, is released and becomes their best seller, going Top Ten in the US and UK. March 1983 - Final Cut is Pink Floyd's tenth album and the last with founding member Roger Waters. The album goes to #1 UK, #6 US.March 1983 - UK band Spandau Ballet release their third album and have a #1 single in the UK, #2 US with the title track "True". March 1983 - UK duo Tears for Fears goes to #1 in the UK, #73 US, with their debut album, The Hurting.March 1983 - Los Angeles, CA heavy metal band Quiet Riot go to #1 in the US and UK with their third album Metal Health.April 1983 - Milwaukee, WI band the Violent Femmes are discovered busking on the street by James Honeyman-Scott of the Pretenders and invited to play with them that night. Their debut album is released and the band gains a cult following for their folk-punk sound.April 1983 - David Bowie is #1 on both sides of the Atlantic with his single "Let's Dance" which features then unknown guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.April 1983 - The soundtrack to the movie Flashdance is released. The album goes to #1 US, #9 UK and yields two US number one singles.April 1983 - Athens, GA band R.E.M. releases their debut album Murmur on IRS Records. Though critically acclaimed the album peaks at #36 US.May 1983 - Texas glam metal band Pantera release their debut album on their own Metal Magic label.May 1983 - UK post punk band New Order's  second album, Power, Corruption & Lies goes top five in the UK on Factory Records. The band's move to a more dance oriented sound scores them a dance hit with "Blue Monday". May 1983 - New York City band The Talking Heads have a Top Ten single in the US with "Burning Down The House" from the album Speaking In Tongues.June 1983 - Detroit band The Romantics score two US Top Ten hits "Talking In Your Sleep" and "One In a Million" from their fourth album In Heat.June 1983 - The final album by The Police, Synchronicity, goes to #1 US and UK and yields three Top Ten singles including US and UK #1 "Every Breath You Take". June 1983 - After touring with David Bowie, Texas blues guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan releases his debut album Texas Flood.June 1983 - Fantastic, the debut album by UK pop duo Wham! goes to #1 in the UK, but only #127 US.July 1983 - The first album by American singer Madonna goes Top Ten in the US and UK, led by hit singles "Lucky Star" and "Borderline".July 1983 - Fife, Scotland band Big Country hit #17 in both the US and UK with their debut album.July 1983 - Los Angeles rock band Metallica release their first album Kill 'Em All an immediate hit in the emerging thrash metal genre.July 1983 - Canadian synthpop band Men Without Hats score a #3 US, #6 UK hit with their single "Safety Dance".August 1983 - Bellevue, WA heavy metal band Queensryche release their debut album which peaks at #81 US.August 1983 - Billy Joel's ninth album, An Innocent Man, takes him to #2 UK, #6 US with three US Top Ten singles including the #1 "Tell Her About It" #4 UK.September 1983 - Los Angeles, CA metal band Motley Crue's second album, Shout At The Devil, takes them into the US Top Twenty.September 1983 - Sports, the third album by Huey Lewis & The News, goes to #1 US, with three US Top Ten singles including #1 "Heart and Soul".September 1983 - After ditching the costumes, Kiss release the album Lick It Up which goes to #7 UK, #24 US. It is the first time they appear without makeup.September 1983 - UK reggae band UB40 go to #1 UK, #14 US with their fourth album featuring a hit cover of Neil Diamond's song "Red, Red, Wine".October 1983 - Queens, NY singer Cyndi Lauper's debut album - She's So Unusual #4 US, #16 UK makes her a star with four US Top Five singles including "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "Time After Time".October 1983 - UK band Culture Club have a #1 single on both sides of the Atlantic with "Karma Chameleon" from their second album Colour By Numbers #1 UK, #2 US.October 1983 - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson team up for a single "Say, Say, Say" which not surprisingly, goes to #1 US #2 UK.October 1983 - UK band Genesis have their first US Top Ten hit with "Thats All" from their twelfth album which goes to #1 UK, #9 US.November 1983 - 70's hit makers The Pointer Sisters make a comeback with a US and UK Top Ten album - Break Out which spawns four US Top Ten hits. November 1983 - UK duo The Eurythmics continue the hits with their third album Touch #1 UK, #7 US. Including the hit single "Here Comes The Rain Again" #4 US, #8 UK .November 1983 - Swiss metal band Krokus release their seventh album Headhunter, which reaches #25 US, #74 UK and becomes their highest charting album.November 1983 - Balls To The Wall, the fifth album by German metal band Accept, goes to #74 US.December 1983 - Tuskegee, AL singer Lionel Richie's second solo album Can't Slow Down #1 US and UK generates five US Top Ten hits including two #1's "Hello" and "All Night Long". December 1983 - Show No Mercy is the debut release by California thrash metal band Slayer. December 1983 - US based, UK singer Billy Idol releases his second solo album Rebel Yell which would take him to the US Top Ten in 1984.
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