January 1978 - California singer / songwriter Warren Zevon releases his third album, Excitable Boy, and breaks into the US Top Ten. The album doesn't chart in the UK.January 1978 - The soundtrack for the disco movie Saturday Night Fever, featuring the music of the Bee Gees, hits #1 US for more than six months (18 weeks at #1 in the UK) and becomes the best selling soundtrack album of all time.January 1978 - UK punk pioneers -The Sex Pistols play the final concert of their US Tour in San Francisco and announce their breakup a couple weeks later. February 1978 - Pasadena, California hard rock band Van Halen release their self titled debut album which goes to #19 US, #24 UK. Their cover of the Kinks "You Really Got Me" cracks the US Top 40 at #36.March 1978 - The Patti Smith Group release their third album Easter #20 US, #16 UK and have a #13 US, #5 UK single with "Because the Night" co-written with Bruce Springsteen. March 1978 - "Outlaw" country stars Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson team up for an album and cross over to the US Pop Charts at #12.  The albums lead single "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" tops the country charts and goes to #42 on the US Hot 100.May 1978 - Detroit rock singer Bob Seger releases his 10th album - Stranger In Town and goes to #4 US, #31 UK. The album yields three US Top 20 singles including "Still The Same" #4 US.June 1978 - Darkness on the Edge of Town is Bruce Springsteen's fourth album and the follow-up to his breakthrough album Born to Run. The album charts at #5 US, #16 UK.  June 1978 - Boston based band The Cars release their debut album which goes to #18 US (#29 UK) led by two US Top 40 singles "Just What I Needed" #17 UK and "My Best Friend's Girl" which goes all the way to #3 UK. June 1978 - Andy Gibb, younger brother of the three Gibbs who make up the Bee Gees, scores his third US #1 single in a row with "Shadow Dancing" #42 UK.July 1978 - The Some Girls album brings the Rolling Stones back to #1 US, #2 UK with two US Top Ten singles "Miss You" #1 US, #3 UK and "Beast of Burden" #8 US.July 1978 - Akron, Ohio band Devo release their quirky debut album produced by Brian Eno. The album goes to #12 UK and #78 US.August 1978 - American rock band Boston release their sophomore album Don't Look Back. The album goes to #1 US, #9 UK, selling four million copies in it's first month.August 1978 - The soundtrack to the movie Grease tops the US and UK charts. The single "You're The One That I Want" by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta also hits #1 in both the US and UK.August 1978 - UK rock band The Who's eighth album, Who Are You, is released. With a top twenty title track, the album goes to #2 US and #6 UK. Three weeks later drummer Keith Moon dies.August 1978 - Tuskegee, AL band The Commodores move away from funk to a straight pop sound and have a #1 US & UK single with "Three Times A Lady". September 1978 - Scottish folk veteran Al Stewart goes Top Ten in the US with the song "Time Passages", his follow-up to the 1976 US Top Ten single "Year Of The Cat".September 1978 - New York City band Blondie release their third album Parallel Lines. The album charts at #1 UK, #6 US, driven by the disco style single "Heart of Glass" which tops both the US and UK charts early in 1979.November 1978 - The Boomtown Rats are the first Irish band to have a #1 single in the UK with "Rat Trap". It was the fifth of nine Top 20 UK singles in a row for the band.November 1978 - UK band The Police release their debut album, tour the US, and have a #32 US, #12 UK single with "Roxanne".November 1978 - American comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi come up with an entertaining formula for covering blues and R&B classics. Their debut album goes to #1 US.November 1978 - American singer / songwriter Billy Joel has his first US #1 album (#10 UK) with 52nd Street. The album generates three US Top 40 singles. December 1978 - Country star, and former minor 60's rock star Kenny Rogers, enjoys crossover success on the pop charts when the single "The Gambler" goes to #16 US, #22 UK.  December 1978 - New York City band Chic score a massive disco hit with the single "Le Freak" #1 US, #7 UK, which sells six million copies.
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