January 1969 - After touring as the New Yardbirds in Sep. 68, guitarist Jimmy Page renames the band Led Zeppelin and releases their debut which goes top ten in both the US and UK. January 1969 - California rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival have a #2 hit (#1 UK) with "Proud Mary". It would be the first of five CCR singles that would peak at #2 in the US where they never hit #1.January 1969 - The Beatles perform live for the last time on the rooftop of Apple Records in London. The band performs five songs including "Get Back". The event is filmed for inclusion in the movie "Let It Be".February 1969 - New Jersey band Tommy James and the Shondells go to #1 US with the psychedelic influenced single "Crimson and Clover". February 1969 - Detroit rockers MC5 release their debut album Kick Out The Jams on Elektra. Recorded live at Detroit's Grande Ballroom the album quickly sells over 100,000 copies.February 1969 - San Francisco's Sly and the Family Stone have their first #1 single in the US with the single "Everyday People". Their album Stand would follow in May including the title track and "I Want To Take You Higher".March 1969 - Atlanta, GA pop singer Tommy Roe goes to number one in the US and UK with the single "Dizzy". April 1969 - Jamaica's Desmond Dekker scores the first ever reggae Top Ten hit in the US with the song "Israelites". The song goes to #1 in the UK.April 1969 - UK vocalist Dusty Springfield signs with Atlantic Records and records her fifth album at American Studios in Memphis, TN. Her single "Son of a Preacher Man" hits the top ten in the US and UK.April 1969 - WAEB radio Allentown, PA top forty chart.May 1969 - UK rock band The Who release the double concept album "Tommy".  The album goes top ten in the US and UK. The single "Pinball Wizard" goes to #4 in the UK. May 1969 - Canadian Neil Young releases his first album with Crazy Horse "Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere" featuring the songs "Cinnamon Girl" and "Down By The River". The album charts at #34 US.  May 1969 - Crosby, Stills & Nash release their debut album which goes to #6 in the US. CS&N are an American supergroup formed by Graham Nash of The Hollies, Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and David Crosby of The Byrds.May 1969 - WRKO radio in Boston, MA Top 30 chart for May.June 1969 - Following his divorce from wife Cynthia, John Lennon hooks up with American artist Yoko Ono. They release an album "Two Virgins" and hold "bed-ins" for peace in Amsterdam and Montreal.July 1969 - The Rolling Stones fire band founder Brian Jones (above), who is later found dead in his swimming pool  on July 3rd. Two days later the Stones give a free concert in London's Hyde Park with guitarist Mick Taylor replacing Jones. July 1969 - The Who's Pete Townshend produces a UK #1 hit, "Something In The Air" for the band Thunderclap Newman.July 1969 - London musician David Bowie releases the single "Space Oddity" to coincide with the Apollo 11 moon landing. The song reaches #5 in the UK. It would be re-released in the US in 1973 and hit #15.July 1969 - Bob Dylan has a Top Ten US and UK hit with "Lay Lady Lay" in his new deeper sounding vocal style - which he attributes to quitting smoking.July 1969 - With a new lead singer New York City Band Blood, Sweat and Tears release their second album and have three US #2 hits, including "Spinning Wheel" popularizing the so called "Brass Rock" movement that also includes the bands Chicago and Electric Flag. July 1969 - The low-budget film "Easy Rider" captures the imagination of the younger generation with counter-cultural themes and a rock soundtrack by The Byrds, Steppenwolf and The Electric Prunes.August 1969 - The Woodstock Music & Art Fair is held Aug 15 - 18 on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, NY. Thirtytwo of the biggest rock bands of the day play to a crowd estimated at 500,000. The event is later released as a movie and album.August 1969 - Another hard edged band from Detroit, or in this case nearby Ann Arbor, MI  - The Stooges, release their debut on Elektra Records. The album reaches #106 on the US charts.August 1969 - With a boost from their appearance at Woodstock, San Francisco band Santana hit the Top Ten in the US with the single "Evil Ways". The album peaks at #4 US.August 1969 - UK progressive rock band Jethro Tull have a #1 album in the UK (#20 US) with their second album Stand Up.October 1969 - The Archies, an animated television band based on the comic books, have a transatlantic #1 hit with the single "Sugar, Sugar". In real life, the song is performed by a group of studio musicians including lead singer Ron Dante.October 1969 - UK progressive rock band King Crimson release their debut album - In The Court of the Crimson King. The album makes a strong showing reaching #5 UK, #28 US. October 1969 - California experimental rock band Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band release their 3rd album  - Trout Mask Replica - on Frank Zappa's Straight Records. October 1969 - UK band Led Zeppelin tour the US and release their second album, which includes the US Top Ten hit single "Whole Lotta Love".November 1969 - Seven years after his last #1 single, Elvis Presley tops the charts with "Suspicious Minds". It was Presley's 17th number one single in the US.November 1969 - Jacksonville, Florida's The Allman Brothers Band release their debut album on Capricorn Records to good reviews, but limited sales. The album reachs #188 on the US album chart.December 1969 - American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary return to the top of the charts for the last time with the single "Leaving On A Jet Plane", a song written by John Denver.December 1969 - To end their US tour, The Rolling Stones organize the Altamont Free Concert in Northern California featuring the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. The event is marred by violence including a stabbing death.December 1969 - Gary, Indiana's - The Jackson Five release their debut album on Motown featuring the lead vocals of 11 year old Michael and his four brothers. The single "I Want You Back" would hit #1 in Jan - the first of four straight number one singles for the group.KOL radio Seattle, WA year end chart for 1969.
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