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1970's rock music stars: Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Saturday Night Fever, Bruce Springsteen, The Sex Pistols
1980's rock music stars: U2, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Madonna, Prince
1990's rock music stars: Nirvana, Whitney Houston, Pearl Jam, Beck, REM, Britney Spears
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1960's rock music stars: The Supremes, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors
1950's rock music stars: Everly Brothers, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis
The 1950's - The Birth of Rock and Roll:
Rock & Roll music is born in the 1950's from a fusion of electric blues, country and gospel music. Confined to the Rhythm & Blues charts early in the decade, rock crosses over to the Pop charts from 1955 onward. Electric Blues, R&B, Doo Wop, Rockabilly.... more 1950's

The 1960's - Expanding The Boundaries of Rock:
In the sixties rock music comes of age and dominates the popular music charts. Rock diversifies with new styles such as soul, surf, folk rock, the British Invasion, psychedelic and hard rock. Television becomes a factor as prime time variety shows feature rock... more 1960's

The 1970's - Rock Becomes Big Business:
The early seventies are marked by the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. Pyschedelic music declines, but morphs into hard rock, progressive rock and heavy metal. Touring bands move from playing clubs and theaters, to playing sports arenas... more 1970's

The 1980's - CD's, Synths, and the Rise of MTV:
MTV (Music Television) is launched on 300 cable TV systems in 1981. By 1983 MTV is available on 2,000 cable systems. The prevalance of music videos as a 24/7 marketing tool is influential in bringing numerous new bands and music styles to the mainstream... more 1980's

The 1990's - The Internet and Digital Music:
The internet and sound compression allow for digital distribution of music both legally and through peer to peer file sharing, threatening the dominance of major record labels. Hip hop, alternative rock, and jam bands no longer play by record label rules... more 1990's

L to R: '50's rock n' roll pioneers The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis.
L to R: '60's rock icons The Supremes, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison of The Doors.
L to R: '70's rock - Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Saturday Night Fever, Bruce Springsteen, and The Sex Pistols.
L to R: '80's rock stars - Bono of U2, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Madonna, and Prince.
L to R: '90's stars - Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Whitney Houston, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Beck, R.E.M. and Britney Spears.
Madonna launches her Confessions Tour in Los Angeles on May 21st. The tour would gross $260 million dollars, the highest gross ever
for a female artist.
UK singer Robert Palmer hits #1 US, #5 UK with the single "Addicted to Love". The video, featuring a band made up of fashion models, receives heavy play on MTV.
Paul McCartney plays live in the US for the first time in ten years as his band Wings begins their tour in Ft. Worth, Texas. The single "Silly Love Songs" hits #1 US.
The Beach Boys release the album Pet Sounds, now considered one of the best albums of all time. Sales are lower than prior albums, reaching #2 UK, #10 US.
For the first time ever, five singles appear at the same time in the Top 10 of both the R&B and Pop charts, showing the ability of rock & roll music to break down racial barriers.
The Wallflowers, an L.A. band featuring Bob Dylan's son Jakob Dylan, release their second album. The album sells four million copies driven by the lead single "One Headlight".

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